DAINESE 1513424



Dainese Racing Pro motorcycle leather suit. State-of-the-art technical solutions make these items highly protective, ergonomic and comfortable.

With its decisive cut lines, the Racing P. best meets the requirements of women riders addicted to speed. Finished in fine Tutu cowhide and bi-axial elastic S1 fabric positioned in the areas that are subjected to most stress. Additional elasticised inserts are positioned at strategic points of the body while zips at the bottoms of the legs ensure great comfort and ergonomics by allowing the suit to adapt better the shape of the rider's body during motion. Racing P. is also available in a non-Summer version.


COLOR:777(白/黑/紅)  / P75(黑/黑/螢光紅) / P66 (黑/黑/綠)



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